G&S is an Enterprise comprising the Triple (G) Iconic Car Wash, Sandras Restaurant, Legon Classic Butchery and the Zinc Sports Pub all under one entity located in Gachie Township. Are you in need of premier carwash?
Come to the Triple (G) Iconic Car Wash for an exclusive service on your car in 20 – 30 minutes. Hungry?
Sandras restaurant comes handy with its service on Mukimo-kienyenji, beef, njahi, lamb, Githeri, Mutungo, beans (maharagwe), ngima and many more. All these foods are served in your favorite combinations (accompaniments). Do we want to treat yourself to a sumptuous meat delight? Try our choma roasting prowess at the Legon butchery tastefully treated in onions covered with foil, roasted kienyenji chicken, African mutura, Mbuzi mutwe (kichwa), soup etc. Are you looking to unwind after a hectic day?  Enjoy our wide selection of both
nationally and world rated alcoholic beverages as you listen to your stylist favourite music. It is always worthwhile to offer yourself a treat in serene environment with impeccable ambience and tranquility. We promise
you a lasting lifetime memory based on our innovative, secure and professional service. A topnotch world class service offered in a humble locality.

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Specific objectives

Geslyn and Vasley Enterprise is operated as a business entity with 4 units which include:

⦁ Sandras restaurant
⦁ Zinc (sport) pub (bar)
⦁ Legon (classic) Butchery
⦁ Triple (G) Iconic carwash and parking

Although all of them are under the same Enterprise unit they are however operated uniquely and independently. Each of them comes unique from the products and services set in which they provide.

Values (what we believe in)

The Enterprise is customer centric. Accordingly, the customer satisfaction has to be assured in all the services and at all times.

The guiding core values are:

⦁ Integrity (accountability, honesty, honest, trusted etc.)
⦁ Dedication (commit to operate individually and as a member of a winning team)
⦁ Innovative (continue innovating or perish)
⦁ Excellent quality (in all operations)
⦁ Professionalism (in terms of presentation, communication, performance with maximum efficiency avoiding mediocrity)
⦁ Secure (it begins with everyone)
⦁ Customer centric (focus on value to the customer)


Zinc Sports Club


Sandars Restaurant



EveryDay Monday - Sunday

8.00a.m - 10.00p.m



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